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“Ignore-guration Night”

In Poetree on January 27, 2009 at 9:00 am




Jovial Suits and Ties Celebrate

Gathering. Getting Close.

Anvils Dropping

Filled with Helium.

They prolong their buoyancy

Time telling ties that

Gravity will prevail.


Knives. Rushing In.

Fans Flare

Push Air

Back. Forth

Black Hoarse

Shouts and Pants

Stop to Dance

Yell OoOoOoH

Increase Vocal Exponentially

Inversely Reflect Emptiness


Harken. Listen

Dish out slices.

Fish out wishes

Dream dreams

And stitch back

Loose seams

Dark nights and

White daze.

Minority Reports

That my I’s don’t pray

Ok, I’ll stay awake.


Balloons fall

Unashamed by the wind

You pick up ribbon

I Drop the pen.

Same Invigilators.

Different Exam.



© 2009 Mark Wambugu Kaigwa