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My life over the past year.

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World Toilet Day

In Ramblings on November 19, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Hey, it’s World Toilet Day… So make an extra effort to make this a special day. Found some interesting pictures about today…

The Toilet House or Chooni House if you like, A future project in Kenya’s Karura Forest, in the Muthaiga area to enable dozens of city dwellers to come and relieve themselves in style….

I think it’s a good plan. They expect completion in 2011. And I think the Gigiri area will be a good one…what are your thoughts?

My Long Lost Longings

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Forget the word
‘longings’ in the title, I just wanted to keep allegorical normalcy and have
another L Word.


Well, it’s been
ages, and if you have any clue about this blog, I am somewhat of an idealist. A
dreamer, if you like, and I can gladly say that since my first blog post on
Ukwelii, it has morphed, and I’m glad to say, so have I.


If a blog is the
pocket mirror to my life, rather than the one I look at everyday near the
bathroom, then indeed I am not as vain as I ought to be. With others looking to
peer into this pocket mirror over my shoulder, I’ll gladly share it with the
world. But as you know- it fits into my pocket, and I can’t share it with too
many people at the same time. Sort of like a toothbrush.


The point, you ask?
Well, it feels good to blog. Or good blogs feel it. When you keep your eyes
dashing across the screen from the strobing light of your computer, in an
attempt to be aroused, entertained, informed or transformed.


I may have lost you
by this point, and if I have, then great, join me. It means I’ve been
successful in bringing you along to this boat of the blind, otherwise known as
The Pursuit of FreeDumb.


Yes, I am naming my
blog ‘The Pursuit of Freedumb’ after the fictional boat of the same name, on
which you and I both blind now and without insight, seek light.


I was at an
exhibition tonight, awesome it was. At RaMOMA- The Rahimtulla Museum of Modern
Art, at their new gallery/ office in Parklands. Met some great faces and did a
whole load of networking. Making up for my shameful indulgence in it’s
opposite…also known as social notworking – Taking perfectly good time for
working and getting things done, and using it to procrastinate in the name of
Social Networking.

But, wait… I’ve been
on my Facebook sabbatical since October, and it’s been over 30 days now. I’m
doing good, well… now that I’ve been on Twitter a while…


So, at RaMOMA it was
the opening night of 4 different artists: Guillerme Blonn, Justus Kyalo,
Gakunju Kaigwa and an exhibition on Camels. Yes, Camels. And All the artistes
gave a little something on Camels, I much liked Gakunju’s  ‘Spoons’ I’m actually going back again once
more to get a better view of things. It was a very chic, and artsy opening, a
typical opening night for a big art exhibition. German Ambassador, and
expatriates galore, peppered with the local art-lovers, and everyone else on
the food chain. Great vibe, I thought. Free food, drink, and the chance to make
merry and socialize, and it bore fruit, giving me the chance to market myself,
and now I have the chance to do some work for several different people I
haven’t seen in a while.


In other news, I
just heard, rather overheard on the news that a goat gave birth to a human-like
kid….Yes, you read right, but you can re-read if you  like. A human
like kid, by kid I mean baby-goat for lack of a better phrase.  You’d better be happy that I don’t have
picture….No, I’m being honest. No matter how big of a disclaimer I could have
put-because the Station I was watching gave no such disclaimer- you would be
visually and mentally abused.



Eat your vegetables,


Till next time.


sure to look out for big RaMOMA opening nights, and other suchlike events to
get yourself noticed in the art circles and network with the world at large. I actually have a couple
paintings…Gawsh, I haven’t painted in a year or so.