Mark Kaigwa

Untitled Poem….

In Poetree on January 26, 2008 at 9:23 pm

It can only happen as long as you let it.
It is only as real as you make it
Your fears are simply fears as long as you don’t face them
Your truths are highly in faith as long as you don’t test the faith
You sow
You reap
It’s that simple
And you know this…

You don’t ignore it, because you choose to do it anyway
The blind eye, ignorance
What’s the differnce?
Challenge spelling something with no reference to my culture
hit backspace ever so often
to rewrite the wrong
Hit rewind on life
I’d sometimes wish it was a song
Put on repeat,
and forward the boring bits,
download it on my iPod
and carry it around.

Anger when my poems don’t rhyme
Fear when I’m not on time
Procrastination, my new best Pet
‘D’ my new best friend
and you my only
my only
my only


– a really interesting state of mind I was in, on this day, November 25th 2007, 7:24 PM

  1. this piece reminds me how human we all are. no matter what we are going through, it is comforting to know others have been through the same thing!
    i tottally feel all the emotions captured by ur words.

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