Mark Kaigwa

Jealousy, Envy and other reasons to blog

In Politricks, Real Talk on January 17, 2008 at 11:10 pm

Well, reading several blogs the other day, I couldn’t help but feel a little green… We all got blogs the same time, I remember one morning in the computer lab at Uni, guys logging on to blogger, wordpress, and we all started blogging. As you’d expect the first blogs we’re slightly incoherent, and we still existed in that state of ‘What am I going to write about?’- At this point, I’m sure all the bloggers I started out with have gone on a “ Speak for yourself” state-of-mind but who cares?

I mean, all credit to those who blogged for a while and were consistent… God knows we all need a bit of consistency in our lives. But in retrospect, some of them have gone on to become some of the most read Kenyan bloggers around( Big up guys, at least I get some credit for knowing you) And in my mind, I want to believe that “ Of course, if things had been different then I would be one of the most read bloggers, but as you can see from the previous two paragraphs, I’m not doing myself any favours.

At a recent Kwani? Open mic, Maik (i saw that that’s how he spells his name) Kwambo talked about the effect of having a blog and what it’s done for him as a writer and poet… Needless to say that his peroration didn’t spark the blogger in me back to life. But funnily enough in a random occurrence of both serendipity and pure randomness I met someone on Facebook-And I mean met them on Facebook, I don’t know them- who turned out to be a faithful blogger, who in turn led me to the guy who inspired me and my group of cronies to actually set up our blogs and that’s how I found out that one of the guys I started out with, is now a heavyweight, in the blogging community.

Well, it turns out that after all that, what really set up my affinity to start blogging on my cobweb-filled pages was nothing more than envy. Well, obviously that word doesn’t encapsulate what I really felt, the words jealousy and envy are so…’ evil’. It was more like a good form of envy, a competitive spirit, yet it mad me green. Whatever it was, it’s got me using my laptop for good (and not for evil, whatever that means )

In yet another random occurence, Raila just called his fellow countrymen Kenyans. Your probably wondering to yourself “What’s wrong with that?” but he didn’t say it like you just did, he said Kinyans with Ke as in Key rather than Ke as in Kennedy. Now aside from the linguistics class I just took you through, no Kenyan, in the short history that i’ve learnt has refered to the rest of the country Kinyans.

I want a good president, I honestly don’t care if it’s Kibaki or Raila, or Pastor Pius( I’d rather him, at least he’s been quieter, and has no choice but dialogue coz of his church). I’ll cheer whoever it is every second because as much as we see tribe as the first thing, I tend to believe that I see individuals. And that’s my word, and my first blog.


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